Monthly Archives: May 2008

Jastro-Shields and Project Update…

Apologies to my public for not posting profusely over the past several weeks, the fact is, there’s not much to post. I have been busying myself with the preparation of a few key project management tools for planning, mainly a life of project document, logframe, activity schedule, more refined budget (funding makes it tricky!), a monitoring and evaluation protocol, and finally the beginnings of a business plan for the micro-enterprise component.

News: I recently received a Jastro-Shields Research Award for just under $2K, to aid in elements of project support, which is gratefully accepted. Jastro-Shields research awards are awarded to outstanding graduate students in recognition of their potential to carry out research projects related to the missions of the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences as outlined in written proposals. The maximum amount of an award is $2,000. Not that I am outstanding, the preceding text was actually quoted from a confidential source…I will be continuing to seek out additional funding, and keep my fingers crossed for the Global Livestock CRSP one-year funded extension, that would assist the two main projects (SUMAWA and HALI) of which this POU-Ruaha is a sub-component.

I expect to have a few more things posted later today, primarily elements of the business model and some notes and thoughts on project organization. We will be Skyping with Sokoine University of Agriculture on May 9th on project details, and a key update will be submitted online thereafter….