Monthly Archives: April 2009

The bulb blew out…


I received a nice status update on the sampling analysis for the project some time ago from Tanzania:

“Am far from my note book now but I remember,I did about 186 fecal samples. The last day when I stained the slides to accomplish the examination of the sample number 186, it was a lucky day because after I completed examination of all the stained slides of that day; The slides went out, the reagents were completed, the microscope machine stoped from working(bulb problem) and I had a defficience of falcon tubes for processing the unprocesed fecal samples from the field.”

So, the bulb went out…the bulb for the fluorescence microscope that allows for observation of the Crypto and Giardia oocysts and cysts in the fecal samples.  Another one is now en-route from UC Davis with the HALI project coordinator, but the delay has caused another month delay.  Lab time now at 5 months and ticking for the analysis of 300 samples….

I’m beginning to think this project will never end.