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Christmas in May?


Where Enos rocks the mic…

Yesterday I received an email from Tanzania.

“Hi David.  Sorry I was a bit late to reply to you.  The work is over by today.  The attached file contains the data on what I did….Thank you David.  Enos”

It was from Enos Kamani.  Legendary scientist and soon to be veterinarian with honors from the Sokoine University of Agriculture in Morogoro, Tanzania.  The fecal samples are done and the data sheet delivered just two days shy of my 30th birthday.  It’s Christmas in May folks, and I’ll be unwrapping that glorious Excel file under a plum tree in San Rafael with a grin as wide as the Grinch and nervous fingers tip tapping away on old JMP.

It’s data analysis time!

Data Analysis Plan – Coming Soon…


My Labmate Enos is on the HALI Blog!

My man Enos chillin’ in the lab…

It’s so exciting to see your friends online.  My lab mate, Enos Kamani, was featured in the Health for Animals and Livelihood Improvement (HALI) project blog for all of his hard work analyzing fecal and water samples.  Deana Clifford, HALI project coordinator and postdocotoral researcher at UC Davis’ Wildlife Health Center had the opportunitiy to interveiw Enos during her last trip to the Sokoine Unviersity Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Morogoro, Tanzania, where Enos is pursuing his degree in veterinary medicine.

Check out Enos’ profile on the HALI blog here!