Map Skills…

Remember these?

Map Skills were intense in 3rd grade.  Workbooks, worksheets, new worlds.  Though I’ve colored-in many maps in my day, I never thought I’d have the skills to make my own.   But alas, today I waved my nerd flag and created a series of maps for the study, complete with projections from the old Geographic Coordinate System (WGS 1984 World) to the UTM WGS 1984 36S projection specific to Central Tanzania.  “Damn that’s dorky,” says my inner child, and yes indeed, working with ArcGIS is dorky.  Perhaps the dorkiest.  But it makes pretty maps, and ones that you can analyze.  So next time you need to find out which shopping centers near you have registered cases of children’s diarrhea and are 100 yards from a public restroom, or other recipes conducive to shitting your pants, you just let me know…

Diarrhea and Protozoan HHs

An example map of households containing calves with clinical diarrhea and identified protozoan infection (Crypto and/or Giardia) – shitty resolution so ya’ll can’t steal it before it’s published. Shame on you Chris Bond…


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